Dari II

Dari II design was inspired of the daily life in a vibrant and serene space. This principles in the design have created a changing sense that combines the simplicity of modern Scandinavian design and the sophistication of Japanese design, and this fusion provided an ideal space that serves daily needs in a modern and simple way, composed of design elements that focus on simplicity, nature, and natural materials.


Dari II location is convenient and nearby the most important main roads in Jeddah. It contains distinctive facilities to create a lifestyle for its residents, that start with a courtyard with gardens, swimming pools, children’s play areas, gyms, sports fields, and a multi-use hall to suit the resident’s lifestyle.

Residential Complex

Unique and modern architectural design.

Premium Location

Close to major city landmarks for a convenient living experience.

High quality interiors

High quality exterior and interior finishing

Facilities & Amenities


Dari II is in the center of Jeddah, in an area around schools, nurseries and hospitals. It is also surrounded by the most prominent restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, supermarkets and almost everything you need in times of urgent necessity.

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